Vermis d.o.o., Product and Software Development Company

State of the art beekeeping scale with included SIM card, G4 NB-IoT connection, GPS module, vibration alarm, weather sensor, mobile app and much more

Gas Vaporizer for oxalic acid

Gas vaporizer uses only the heat from a blow torch, so you will not have clumsy cords, long extensions or heavy accumulators getting in your way while you work.

Bee corridor to prevent bee robbery

Tested effectiveness for preventing bee robbing. It is inserted in the entrance of the beehive at the time of bee robbing danger

Online store specialized for beekeeping equipment. Official online retailer of Logar Trade honey extractors.

Software development

Specialized in development of eCommerce web sites on a custom platform. The platform supports multi web sites, languages, templates and is simple to mantine.  

AviRings partner company

Development of state of the art GPS trackers and other technology for racing pigeons.

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